If your skin looks dull, a facial might be in order. Facials clean, brighten, and invigorate your skin. Having a facial will unclog all your pores, eliminate dead skin and impurities, leaving your skin exceptionally clean. Dr. Mai and her team will help you understand your individual skin care needs and give you the treatment with which you are most comfortable.

This noninvasive corrective treatment improves skin texture and the skin’s oxygen levels. We use ultrasound technologies to infuse valuable medical serums to enrich the skin. This 3-in-1 super facial works at a deeper level to exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate your skin.
30 Min $150
Add neck and chest $75

An innovative skin treatment that allows the benefit of Carboxy therapy without the use of needles. Driving CO2 into the skin causes a release of oxygen, which will leave you with
a glowing and hydrated result. In addition to oxygenating, this treatment will also increase blood circulation, treat wrinkles, eliminate acne and inflammation, enhance skin tone and elasticity, and balance your moisture & oil levels.

50 Min – $125

This skin tightening peel has a regeneration effect similar to laser treatments. The peel has Botox® – like ingredients for lifting and wrinkle improvements. There is no downtime and you will leave feeling brighter and tighter.
50 Min – $125

This treatment uses a modified form of High Frequency modality to stimulate and heal the skin. Introducing High Frequency currents into the skin will stimulate nerve endings,
which will increase blood circulation, nourish the skin and improve product penetration. This treatment is perfect for all skin types: acne prone skin, enlarged pores, dry/dehydrated skin, or acne scarring.
45 Min – $125

Activate the healthy tone in your skin with an enzyme masque treatment and serums customized for your skin type. Our mission is to treat your skin based on your desired results. Includes cleansing, extractions, exfoliation with an appropr ate enzyme treatment, arm and hand massage, and a stimulating moisture masque with moisture support.

50 Min – $80